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Guestbook for Honor Flight Chicago Nov. 19, 2009
Ann Wolfgram(non-registered)
Thank you so much for posting the pictures from our Honor Flight! What an incredible day for both my father, Gordon Nykolayko, and me. It was an incredible day that neither one of us will ever forget. I also would like to commend the people at Honor Flight for all the hours and work they put into these flights. Everyone I met from the organization is passionate about this mission and I just want to tell them that all their efforts are much appreciated.
Emily Jacobs(non-registered)
Thank you for posting the photos from this day- it was such fun to relive the memories! The day was as amazing for me as it was for my Veterans and I know we all appreciate and cherish the experience :) Thanks again for all the hard work devoted to these trips!
Juli Whitfield ( John Mayers family)(non-registered)
Thank you for making the Honor Flight for my father one he will never forget! He kept saying " it was Awesome" !! I know it takes many hours of time and effort to put on an event like this but believe me it was worth it to see his face whenever we ask him about the flight- he just beams!
Thank you again- the family of John Mayers- James Mayers ( guardian)
Janet Mayers-Simpson, Janice Mayers Hynes, Juli Mayers Whitfield
jody gross(non-registered)
What an honor! I was the one who I think had to most fun! To be able to be with these veterans on this incredible day was for me, the highlight of my year. The smiles & tears we all had that day will be forever etched in my memory. I certainly will be there for 2010! Thanks Joe Geraldi for becoming my new BFF!
Diann Metzger - Rochelle IL(non-registered)
This was such a wonderful day not only for the veterans but also for the guardians. I am so proud of our veterans. I would like to thank everyone involved with this program. It takes a lot of work but it is well worth it. Thank you again.
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